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“They Are Fruit Trees That Keep Traditions And Stories Of The Lands Where They Predominate”

Gala Apple

“An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away.”

The agricultural history of the Alcobaça Region begins, meaningfully, in 1154 with the installation of the first monks and the cultivation of fruit trees, especially apple trees.

For decades this has been a product of excellence, produced in a very own microclimate between the Serra dos Candeeiros and the sea, which makes it one of the most aromatic and crunchy fruits in the world.

What makes it up?

It has thin skin and soft pulp.

Reddish in color with yellow and green tones, it is a sweet apple with a slight vanilla flavor.

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, Gala Apple is ideal to be eaten fresh.

Extra Category – Minimum caliber 65mm.

Category 1 – Minimum caliber 60mm.

‘Extra’ apples are packed in orderly layers, the remaining categories are packed in such a way as to ensure adequate protection of the product.

Their conservation in good condition is about 5 months in conventional (normal) atmosphere and 7 months in controlled atmosphere.

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Pera Rocha

“The Taste of Portuguese Pear, Pera Rocha.”

It is a Portuguese variety, was identified casually about 170 years ago, in the lands of Senhor Rocha, having assumed the name Pera-Rocha. It is mostly produced on the Central West Coast of Portugal and grown according to local methods.

The special climate of this region is very relevant as the variety needs to be very cold. The first official recognition of this fruit dates from 1932, and the Protected Designation of Origin – is recognized by the European Union as a traditional, quality product, which is an integral part of the Portuguese Cultural Heritage.

Our main goal is to bring delicious fruit produced to the consumer’s table according to high quality and food safety standards.

Unique Features

Outside is characterized by scale, which varies in percentage and concentration according to the weather conditions of the year.

Its pulp is white in color, soft and flowing,
grainy, sweet, non-acidic and very succulent with slightly accented perfume.

Has Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E; Dietetic fibers; Strong potassium concentration; Protein Source; Powerful antioxidant.

It has great conservation capacity, which is enhanced if there is special care in picking and transport.

Supreme Category – Minimum caliber 55mm and average caliber 60/65 mm, with an average weight of 130g.

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