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"Representamos produtos originais e nobres de Portugal que definem nossas tradições, história e cultura."

ITER Collection

ITER is the ancient latin word for a route, a journey, a course, a path or a road ITER, because this is more than a wine

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Nwines by NCampelo

From the freshest Vinho Verde wines to the richest reds of Alentejo. Portugal has over 3000 years of history in wine making. Ours is a story of love for its impressive diversity, signed by Nuno Campelo, the third generation of a winemaking family.

He renovated the old family wine production, starting this very special project.
Here each wine is a unique experience in time and space.

Terra de Gerações Olive Oil

The Olive Tree is one of the oldest trees to be cultivated in the Mediterranean zone. Its fruit, the olive, is one of the main foods in the Mediterranean diet, as well as its juice, the Olive Oil. Portugal is a land of ancestral traditions such as the production of wine and olive oil, preserved and valued over several generations.

Thus was born the TERRA DE GERAÇÕES Olive Oil, a 100% natural olive nectar, with authentic aromas and flavors from the respective olive varieties.

Terra de Gerações Catalog

Wine Tours of Excellence in Portugal

We propose a Wine Tour through the different wine regions of Portugal – Minho Region, City of Porto, Douro valley, Lisboa Region and City, Alentejo Region and Algarve, its cities and amazing villages.

Our goal is to draw a Tour according to your interests and availability.

Discover Portugal

Lusitano Horse

The Lusitano Horse is an ambassador from Portugal, the most beautiful horse in the world. The story says that for many decades it has been a key element in the agricultural activities, because it is a large and resistant animal.

His recognition is due to the Greeks and Romans who have always honored this breed as the best ever.

It is a very docile, noble and sufferer horse with a high level of intelligence. Natural tendency for concentration, with great predisposition for high school exercises and great courage and enthusiasm in the exercises of Gineta (combat, hunting, bullfighting, cattle management, etc.).

Know the Portuguese Horse

Get to Know Better the Lusitano Horse.

We have colts and stalions of various ages, based on horseback riding or grand prix.

We present several alternatives of the horse you want.


Real Estate Consulting

Real estate investment is one of the most practiced businesses in Portugal, especially since
there has been an exponential increase of tourists in the country.

Portugal has become increasingly attractive to investors, thanks to the Gold Visas, and until
2018, 1409 Gold Visas have been given through real estate investments and continues to grow.

We provide a wide variety of properties such as vineyards, estates, houses, shop venues with
excellent location in the national territory, always at the best price.

Our goal is to help our customers find their best investment in Portugal!

Our Team

Our team considers that excellence and the constant evolution of knowledge are very important success factors.

Nuno Campelo

Founding Partner & CEO Wine Manager

Anabela Monteiro

Export Sales Manager

Flávia Dantas

Accounting & Billing

Salete Carvalhosa

Vineyard Manager 

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